TG913 - Infrared Laser Tag Set with Gun and Projector Game - Laser Tag Guns Set of 2 Toy Guns


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  • [ Innovative Toy ] - The Think Gizmos laser tag gun set with infrared projector contains a two infrared laser guns and a white sensor projector. With our lazer tag sets, you will have a variety of ways to play and enjoy. Firstly, the projector game, get your child to improve their aim by shooting at the projected images and seeing if they get a hit. Secondly, you can use the toy guns without the projector and have epic laser tag battles with friends or family.
  • [ Four Weapon Modes ] - The laser guns have bright colors on the outside and have 4 weapon modes The realistic weapon sounds will enhance your epic outdoor game battles. The 4 weapon modes are: single shot, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket launcher. Different weapons differ in attack damage done and the number of bullets in a clip. Each gun acts a sensor for when hit - No painful foam darts in the eyes! Participate in team battles with friends and family, indoors or outdoors.
  • [ Sensitive Projector Toy ] - The head of the projector is super flexible and will automatically move up and down, increasing the fun and challenge of the shooting game. Containing three projection cards, you can shoot at the projected surface images of: Dinosaur, UFO and Duck. In addition, the projector comes with a smart voice reminder to help guide children to switch game modes. With our projection toy gun game, you can enjoy the fun of interactive games at home.
  • [ Multi-Play Modes ] - The laser tag set has two modes with the indoor projector, you just need to point the projector on any wall or flat vertical surface, the projector will flash up one of the projections, aim the guns quickly at the image and shoot, when you hit an image successfully, the image will change showing a hit and you will get the point, whoever gets the more points is the winner.
  • [ 100% Safe ] - The infrared signal emission of the gun toys for kid is less than 1Mw, which will not cause damage to eyes. No bullets will be fired in the game, so it will not harm the child. Outdoor battle games are very enjoyable, so much so that children are willing to put down their consoles and get outside, exercising their bodies. Shooting distance between guns is no more than 40 meters.

Think Gizmos projection toy gun set is really a best gift for 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12+ year old boys and girls.

Wonderful Gift Choice. In the laser gun game, three modes can be switched at will, multiplayer games are more exciting. At holiday, parties, rainy days or weekends, you can enjoy the game with your family and friends, a best gift for kids, a ideal gift for family activities.

The lazer tag set for kids is light and easy to carry, kids can take it to school, park, friends home or wherever they want to go.

Easy to Operate - The laser tag set of 2 is very easy to handle. step 1 install 3 x AA 1.5V batteries (included) into each gun, put 3 x AA 1.5V batteries in the projector; step 2 choose your favorite game mode (shooting or battle game, If it is shooting game mode, just insert different projection cards to start the game; if it is battle game mode, just choose the team you want to join, then switch the mode of the gun(single shot, shot gun, machine gun, rocket gun), you can start the indoor or outdoor battle game.

Tips: shooting distance between guns is no more then 40 meters.

Everything needed to enjoy this toy is provided in the Think Gizmos box including all batteries.

No foam darts needed. Just fire with sounds and light, 100% safe for your kids.