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Looking to get fit, keep your fitness up or build core muscle strength? Our range of sports, fitness and outdoor products will help keep you in great shape.

Outdoor fitness products like the kids Pogo sticks are perfect for budding little sports stars to improve core muscle, build leg muscle and improve overall balance. Got an older / heavier child? or are an Adult looking to get fit? Look no further than the Pogo stick for teens and adults, these would really work those thighs and stomach muscles.

Just because it rains, doesn’t mean the toddlers, kids or adults in your life need to stop keeping fit. Our indoor trampolines are excellent for indoor use. The Aero Bounce Trampoline is a great fitness trampoline with handle for toddlers, kids or adults < 70kg. Don’t worry of slightly heavier, the Aero Duo trampoline is made for adults or 2 small people to jump simultaneously (max combined weight: 100kg)