Wireless Weather Station with Indoor / Outdoor Wireless Sensor – TG645, TG646, TG647, TG671, TG672 Price: $29.99$34.99 (as of 11/10/2018 12:55 PST- Details)

  • Auto Time/Date setting using the WWVB Frequency
  • 12 or 24 hour time display
  • 1x Mains adaptor included for main unit, sensor requires 2xAAA batteries (not included).
  • Displays Indoor and Outdoor Temperature / Humidity, weather forecast and Temperature Alerts.
  • Can predict weather for upcoming 8 hours with different weather icons.
  • Adjustable backlight brightness.
  • Indoor Themometer has a range of 0-50 degrees C and outdoor has range of -20-60 degrees C.
  • Snooze Alarm Feature.
  • TG646 & TG647 Models can connect to an additional 2 sensors available Here.
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ThinkGizmos new 2017 Wireless Weather Station Range comes in three different models which are TG645 (Wide), TG646 (Tall), TG647 (Extra Wide), TG671 (Wide Bamboo Style) and TG672 (HD Version).
TG645 (Wide) Product Description:
The TG645 Wireless Weather Station with indoor/outdoor sensor includes automatic time and date setting in either 12/24 hour format using the WWVB Frequency.
The weather station displays the indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, air pressure, current moon phase and weather prediction. The size of the weather station measures 17x5x13 cm and will look great on any desk or table.
By using the included remote sensor, data is sent back to the main unit which uses the readings along with the readings taken by the main unit to predict the weather for the next 8 hours.
The Mains power adaptor is included in the box and the sensor requires 2xAAA batteries (not included).
This new model also includes an adjustable backlight.
Included in the box is a mains power adaptor so all that is needed is 2x AAA batteries for the sensor to be all setup. The weather station also now includes a backlight button which adjusts the brightness to your requirements.

TG646 (Tall) Product Description:
The awesome tall weather station and external sensor is the weather enthusiast ideal gift.
Not only does the weather station feature Radio Controlled time/date setting using the WWVB Frequency, it also shows the indoor/outdoor temp/humidity, moon phases, barometic pressure reading and forecasts the weather for the next 8 hours.
Included in the box is a mains adaptor for the main weather station and the sensor requires 2xAAA batteries (not included). The main unit can also be powered by 2xAA batteries (not included) if a mains plug is not available.
The weather station stands at 19.5cm tall and includes a built in stand.
On the back of the station is also a usb slot to charge a phone etc without the need of another plug.

TG647 (Extra Wide) Product Description:
The new TG647 Radio Controlled Weather Station is both slim and stylish and includes all the features you need to aid your weather forecasting.
Uses the WWVB Frequency to automatically set the time and date in either 12 or 24 hour format.
Inside the box is the TG647 Wireless Weather Station, 1x Remote External Sensor, 1x Mains Power Lead and a product manual.
The external wireless sensor requires 2xAAA batteries (not included) and the main unit can use 2xAA batteries (not included) if mains power is not available.
Displayed on the weather station’s LED display with large, easy to read icons are the weather forecast for the next 8 hours, internal and external temperature and humidity and the current time.
Designed as the ideal weather station to fit nicely on a bed side table it measures at 22x4x8cm’s and also includes a built in USB slot so you can charge your phone without requiring multiple power sockets.

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