Privacy Policy

At ThinkGizmos, we take your privacy very seriously. We will never share or sell your data with third parties and are not in the business of doing so.


1.1 “Minor” shall be construed as a child below the age of 13.

1.2 “Personal Data” shall be construed as any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

1.3 “Sensitive Personal Data” shall be construed as Personal Data that is related to a natural persons racial or ethnic background; political, religious, philosophical beliefs; association with a labor union; health or sexual preferences; records regarding criminal offences; substantial social problems and other strictly private information.

1.4 “ThinkGizmos”/”We” shall be construed as ThinkGizmos and its affiliates.

1.5 “Website” shall be construed as ThinkGizmos’ website,


This Privacy Policy concerns the processing of Personal Data and the use of cookies related to the use of the Website.

This Privacy Policy is subject to updates on an irregular basis. We recommend users of the Website to check this Privacy Policy regularly in order to stay updated on the latest terms.

If you feel that we are not abiding by this Privacy Policy, you should contact us immediately via email at

The Privacy Policy has been updated: 4th of May 2018


3.1 Collection of Personal Data

While using the Website it is possible for a user to submit Personal Data to ThinkGizmos. This Personal Data will be in the form of, among others, name, address, age etc.

ThinkGizmos will only collect Personal Data on the basis of a user’s active submission of Personal Data through the Website; that is, all Personal Data that ThinkGizmos collects from users on the Website is submitted with the users’ positive knowledge of the submission.

ThinkGizmos informs users of the Website that We will never ask you to submit Sensitive Personal Data when using the Website.

ThinkGizmos recognizes that Minors deserve special protection against information society services and the possible risks that a Minor’s interaction with these services poses for a Minor, hereunder the Minor’s submission of Personal Data when using an information society service. On this basis, ThinkGizmos will not consciously ask Minors to submit Personal Data. Furthermore, if ThinkGizmos becomes aware of any Personal Data related to a Minor having been submitted to ThinkGizmos through the Website, ThinkGizmos will take steps to ensure the complete deletion of this Personal Data.

3.2 Use of Personal Data

ThinkGizmos solely uses Personal Data for purposes that are compatible with the users’ active submission of Personal Data. As such, ThinkGizmos will use the Personal Data collected to facilitate communication with users of the Website and give users a better experience when using the Website.

Examples of situations where Personal Data is used include

  • order processing,
  • registration for support.

ThinkGizmos will only transfer Personal Data collected from users of the Website to third-parties when necessary and a user has given his consent to such transfer, a user has requested for such transfer (for example in the form of a request to process an order), if required by law or if required in order to protect legal or other vital interests.

3.3 Right to access to and deletion of data

Users of the Website have the right to request ThinkGizmos to inform the user if ThinkGizmos has collected Personal Data on the user, and, in the event that Personal Data has been collected, what the Personal Data is being processed for.

A user can actively delete Personal Data that is connected to his or her user profile by deleting this profile on the Website.

If a user becomes aware of Personal Data about the user being stored by ThinkGizmos, even after the deletion of the user’s user profile, the user has the right to request that ThinkGizmos deletes the user’s Personal Data from ThinkGizmos’ servers.