XN017 - Double Handled Pilates Ring Magic Fitness Circle - Resistance Exercise Equipment - Ideal for Yoga, Physical Therapy & Toning Muscles


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  • RESISTANCE EXERCISES: The Pilates Ring provides resistance when compressed which combined with specific exercises and positions can help improve core strength, flexibility, movement and wide range of muscle groups.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Don't worry about not being able to exercise when not at home or the gym. Measuring 38cm (15 inches) in diameter and weighing 275g the Fitness Circle can easily fit in a bag or suitcase.
  • PADDED HANDLES: The doubled handled ring includes 2 foam padded internal and external handles for added comfort when exercising and increasing the amount off possible exercised that can be completed.
  • IDEAL FOR BEGINNERS & ADVANCED USERS: The low impact exercises performed with the Think Gizmos Pilates Ring are perfect for toning and strengthening muscles. 8 Beginner exercises are included in the manual.
  • TOUGH AND STRONG: Made from strong fiberglass with a rubber outer layer the Pilates ring is designed to be used and last. Available in 6 awesome colours: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink and Purple.

Strengthen & Tone Muscles

The Think Gizmos Home Exercise Pilates Ring is the perfect addition to any exercise regime. Using the resistance of the ring can help to strengthen various muscle groups including arms, chest and thighs. The resistance exercises can also help to tone up targeted muscles based on the exercises performed.

Workout Examples Included

Provided in the manual is an exercise guide which provides 8 different exercises and steps on how to perform them, aimed at targeting various different parts of the body. The low intensity exercises are perfect for all ages to perform.

Strong and Comfortable

The Exercise ring is made from strong fiberglass covered in a rubber outer sleeve, designed to last through use after use. The dual handles are covered in a Anti-Slip foam pad perfect for comfort and grip whilst exercising. The ring weighs approx 275g so is ideal for continuous use.

Use it Anyway

ue to the size and weight the Pilates Ring is an ideal exercise tool that can be used almost anywhere. No extras are need except for a small amount of space. Perfect for when away travelling or on holiday and you still want to keep up with your fitness goals.

Portable Size

The Think Gizmos Home Exercise Pilates ring has an external diameter of 38cm (15 inches) and an internal diameter of 30cm (12 Inches) inside the foam grips.

6 Colours Available

The dual-grip hoop is available in 6 cool colours including: Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink and Purple.