XN012 - Aero Advantage Pogo Sticks For 5-10 Year Olds (40lbs-90lbs)


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  • ✔️ AWESOME DESIGN: An impressive jumping stick for children. The ideal jumping stick for boys and girls who are 5 to 10 years old, who weigh 40lbs-90lbs (18 kg to 36 kg). The latest design of the Aero Advantage model for even better performance and beautiful appearance.
  • ✔️ SAFETY FIRST: The Aero Advantage from Think Gizmos comes complete with non-slip pedals and a safety foam handle. Please always use a helmet (not included) for safety reasons.
  • ✔️ BUILT TO LAST: This jumping stick for boys and girls is covered in foam and very well built (Do not be persuaded by cheap models that will break easily). Incorporates a powerful low friction spring for improved performance.
  • ✔️ KEEP ACTIVE: The rubber tip will help maintain control, keep kids jumping and active for a long time. This jumping stick for children measures approximately 94cm in height/21cm in drop.
  • ✔️ PLAY & DEVELOP: An awesome way for children to develop skills, improve balance and concentration, have fun and regain shape, enjoy outdoors and improve their confidence all whilst having a great time playing.

The ThinkGizmos Aero Advantage Is The Best Pogo Stick For Kids – Excellent Quality Construction and Made To Last. At ThinkGizmos we have been selling Pogo Sticks worldwide for almost 20 years and this Aero Advantage model is the latest in our range aimed at younger kids.

The Aero Advantage Pogo Stick is our modern adaptation of the classic pogo stick toy and is built for performance, safety and stunning looks.

Incorporates concealed Low Friction Spring technology for a quiet, smooth and higher bounce due to Industrial strength steel springs. Made from INDUSTRIAL strength, low friction steel.

The XN012 Pogo Stick also features a Rubber tip & anti-slip foot pads which can help the user stay in control.

The Pogo Advantage features a bright, colourful and HIGH QUALITY foam cover on the main shaft and foam padded handles ensuring comfort and safety.

The Pogo Stick for kids should only be used on flat, solid surface to avoid the risk of falling. Please always use a helmet, knee and elbow pads (not included) for safety reasons.

This awesome stick is perfect for improving back and core strength, physical timing and balance.

Help keep kids active and burning energy with the Aero Advantage Pogo Stick all while they are having an awesome amount of fun. Win Win!

Choose from four great designs of the Aero Advantage pogo stick available: Blue & Black, Yellow & Black, Red & Black and White & Black.

This pogo stick for boys and girls is a tried and tested device used by kids around the world for decades. Get your kids off the computer and jumping on a pogo ace pogo stick.

The Pogo Stick measures measures approximately 37 inches (94cm) tall. Making this Pogo Advantage model perfect for users up to 90lbs (36kgs) mainly younger children 5-10 years old and is impressive in its build quality, performance and looks.

Please always read and follow the included safety manual at all times.