TG916 Portable Table Top Dishwasher With Water Tank, Viewing Window, 5 Cleaning Programmes, Drying Cycle, Touch Controls, LED Display And Delay Start


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  • NO PLUMBING NEEDED: The Think Gizmos Compact Dishwasher includes a Water Tank attachment, simply fill with water to use. Perfect if there is not a suitable mains water supply available. If you would prefer to connect direct to your mains water don’t worry as mains adaptors are included. The dishwasher also includes a drainage hose which can empty the water directly into your drain, sink or water bucket for disposal.
  • INCLUDES VIEWING WINDOW: The stylish design of the Counter Top Dishwasher includes a handy viewing window and will fit perfectly into any kitchen setup. The dimensions of the Dishwasher without the Water Tank are 44×41.3×42.4cm (17.3×16.2×16.7 Inches). With the Water Tank attachment, the dimensions are: 45.4×41.3×49.1cm (17.9×16.2×19.3 Inches).
  • CLEAN & DRY CYCLES: The Mini Dishwasher includes 5 wash cycles with different wash times, ideal for all your dirty dishes, pans, pots and cutlery cleaning needs. The cycles include ECO, Normal Clean, Intensive, Quick Wash and Glass Cleaning. Once the wash cycle is complete the additional Air-Dry Cycle starts automatically.
  • EASY TO USE: The home dishwasher is made with ease of use in mind. With clear and simple control panel buttons, indicators on the display showing the current cleaning program selected, cycle timer, water tank full or empty and salt level warning.
  • QUALITY CONTROL: All Think Gizmos Portable Dishwashers are quality tested in the manufacturing warehouse to ensure the machine is working correctly. This means a little water may remain in the machine after testing which is normal.

Tired of piles of washing up? Hands sore from the washing up liquid?

The Portable Counter Top Dishwasher from Think Gizmos is the ideal solution. The compact dishwasher can help you save time, money and dry skin. With its 5 wash cycles and 2 spinning water spray arms for a 360-degree complete cleaning process, it has a cleaning mode for even the toughest of dirt.

Think Gizmos Portable Countertop Dishwasher is perfect for use in a home bar, small flat, apartment, caravan, campervan, work office or home without the space or fittings for a full-sized dishwasher. With its built-in viewing window, it will look great in any kitchen setup.

It measures 17.3x16.2x16.7 Inches (44x41.3x42.4cm) without the base Water Tank attached.

With the Water Tank the size is: 17.9x16.2x19.3 Inches (45.4x41.3x49.1cm).

Included with the compact dishwasher is a selection of fitting attachments.

It can connect direct to the mains like a standard dishwasher or use the included 7.5L Water Tank and use the Table Top dishwasher anywhere you can get water.

Perfect for mobile homes or camping trips. Use the attached long drain hose to drain waste water direct into the sink, a bucket or directly into the water drain.

An added extra function is the delay wash timer so you can set the cleaning to start when your get off-peak power usage or overnight while you are sleeping..

Super Cleaning:

5 Cleaning Programmes are available which include:

ECO: Combined wash and dry cycle - 145min Wash & Dry Cycle

Normal: Standard cleaning cycle for everyday dishwashing - 60min Wash

Intensive: Suitable for harder to clean dishes with dried on dirt - 120min Wash

Quick: Lightly Soiled quick wash - 35min Wash

Glass: Perfect for temperature sensitive plastics and glasses - 90min Wash

Built-in Air-Drying Cycle & Preserve Mode:

After each wash cycle the Portable Dishwasher will automatically enter the drying mode. Saving you from manually having to dry each item in the machine.

The dry cycle lasts 60 minutes and uses hot air circulated through the machine to dry the clean items.

Once the dry cycle is complete the dishwasher will enter Preserve Mode which lasts for up to 24 hours. This mode enables items to be left in the machine until being put away. It ventilates the air to keep items dry and prevent bad smells..

Large Wash Capacity:

The included dishwasher basket can fit up to 2 place settings of tableware and cutlery + 6 Serving Pieces which is ideal for small families or couples. It includes a removable utensil basket to keep the dishwasher organised and save space.

Plates and cutlery will be sparkling clean once washed in the table top dishwasher.

Perfect for plates up to 8.6 Inches (22cm) in Diameter..