TG542-VR - RoboShooter Remote Control Robot With Voice Recording


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Camo Green
Camo White
  • VOICE RECORDING: Looking for that product with a WOW factor. The awesome Roboshooter remote control robot Roboshooter for kids is action packed and so much fun! With this latest model you can even record the message you want your robot to speak and at the press of a button your robot will speak the recorded message!
  • DISK FIRING: The awesome Remote Control RoboShooter includes soft foam disks which shoot out of the robot’s chest on command. Children will have fun pretending to stop any unwanted guests with their loyal Robot guard.
  • REMOTE CONTROL FUN: Control the robot with the included 2.4gHz Remote Control. The remote control includes buttons for the various functions of the RoboShooter. The functions include walking, sliding, dancing, firing its blaster, shooting disks and talking.
  • MULTI-LANGUAGE: Unlike other toy robots for kids this model speaks in 5 different languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The perfect toy for any child who loves robots or remote-control toys.
  • READY TO GO: All required parts for this cool robot toy are provided in the Think Gizmos box, this included the robot, remote and 6xAA Batteries required. A 1-year warranty is provided with the RoboShooter.

3 Cool Colours Available:

Camo Green, Camo White & Silver

Enjoy multiplayer robot battle fun with the Robo Shooter, as the robot is controlled using 2.4Ghz remotes you can have multiple robots being used at the same time to play together without interfering with each other.

The functions of the RoboShooter included: walking, sliding, dancing with lights and sounds, firing disks, firing its blaster, talking and voice recording.

This new model includes a cool voice recording function and can speak in 5 languages.

Children can record their own message for the roboshooter toy robot to speak on command. Once recorded surprise friends and family by having the robot speak the message back in its robot voice at a press of a button.

The 5 Spoken Languages are: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

As a Think Gizmos Product all parts needed to enjoy this awesome toy for kids are provided in the box. This includes the RoboShooter, 2.4gHz Remote Control. 6xAA Batteries and a fully translated instruction manual with instructions to control your new toy robot.

Designed with childrens use in mind the Roboshooter is made from strong, safe and non-toxic ABS Plastic. Designed for children aged 5+.

Small foam disks are included with the toy robot, load these by lifting the robots head and slotting them back in the chamber then at a press of the disk button the robot will fire the disks out of its chest.

With the provided 2.4gHz remote children will have no trouble controlling the robot, the remote includes buttons for each of the functions of the remote-control robot with images on the buttons to show what each of them do.

As well as speaking in 5 languages the manual included with the RoboShooter VR is fully translated into English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.