TG813 - Interactive Toy Rabbit Soft Toy With Sounds And Movement – Life Like Play Animal Toy


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  • 🐇 CUTE AND CUDDLY: Give your new electronic pet Rabbit all the love and cuddles you can. With its realistic size and soft fur feel the Interactive Toy Rabbit will provide fun and enjoyment for children.
  • 🐇 FEED ME: Provide with your new pet rabbit is a tasty carrot treat. Place the carrot next to the rabbits’ mouth to hear it munch away just like a real rabbit. Awesome interactive toy gift for any child over 3 years old (aimed at 3-7 year boys and girls)
  • 🐇 WATCH ME HOP: A rabbit doesn’t like to stay still for long and children will be chasing their toy rabbit round as it hops from place to place. Children can easily activate the realistic movement by pressing the button on the Interactive Rabbits side.
  • 🐇 ANIMAL SOUNDS: As with a real rabbit, the Interactive electronic Toy Rabbit makes animal sounds. When moving the toy rabbit will make noises and if left alone it will occasionally make noises reminding children to come and play.
  • 🐇 READY TO GO: Think Gizmos provide all your child’s rabbit needs to be played with in the box, including the AA Batteries required. Let the rabbit out to start the fun and entertainment.

The Interactive Toy Rabbit from Think Gizmos is any child’s perfect first pet. Watch as your new toy rabbit hops around looking cute and cuddly.

With a super soft life like fur feel it is like having a real rabbit at home.

As with any animals your rabbit will requiring feeding and looking after. Luckily a tasty carrot is provided in the box and when placed next to the rabbits mouth it will eat it up.

Children won’t want to put their pet rabbit down as it makes animal noises just like the real thing if left alone.

With a size of 23cm wide and 23cm tall the Interactive toy rabbit with sounds and movement is perfect for children to hold and play with.

Allow your rabbit to hop around, by pressing the button on the left side of the rabbit it will hop around just like the real thing.

The button on the right side of the Rabbit will make your pet rabbit make cute Rabbit noises.

As a Think Gizmos toy this is ideal for any animal loving children aged 3+, everything needed to enjoy the toy is provided in the box including the 2x AA Batteries, Toy Carrot Food and Fully Translated Manual.