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New Toys For 2017 – Friction Toys For All Ages

Two of the new products added to the Think Gizmos product range for 2017 are both friction vehicles aimed at different age groups.

The smaller of the two products is the set of 3 Friction Cars which includes 3 small friction toys which are each approximatelty 10cm long and aimed at children aged 18 months plus. The vehicles in this set are a Cement Mixer, Street Sweeper and Harverster Truck.

Set of 3 Friction Cars

Not only do each of the small cars move using friction power meaning as as you push them forward the friction power will keep them moving, they also each have additional moving parts for added realism. The Cement Mixers mixing compartment spins, the street sweepers brushes rotate and the harvester trucks blade cylinder spins. All 3 of the friction toys in this set are made from non-toxic recyclable ABS Plastic which combined with the awesome features make these the perfect gift for any smaller children.

Find out more about the Set of 3 Friction Cars here or buy them here.

For the slightly older children in the family we also have the larger Friction Trucks available. These cool trucks come in 3 different designs each sold seperately. The diffferent types of truck available are Garbage Truck, Dump Truck and Cement Mixer.

TG640 Friction Trucks

Each truck uses friction power to keep moving when pushed along and also by pressing the small button on the side of the cab it will activate the lights and sounds. Each of the trucks have seperate moving parts which act like the real vehicles. The back part of both the garbage truck and dump truck can be filled and then raised up to empty the load and the cememt mixers rotates just like a cement mixer.

The length of each of the trucks is approximately 30cm making them an awesome size for children to play with.

Find out more about the Friction Trucks here or purchase on Amazon here.

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New Toys For 2016 – RoboShooter RC Toy Robot

With the classic Silver RoboShooter being a fan favourite toy we decided to introduce a new version so you can have more than one Robot playing together.

Introducing the newest updated toy to our product line for 2016. The 2.4Ghz Frequency Red and Black RoboShooter from ThinkGizmos.

RoboShooter RC Toy Robot

As the Red version RoboShooter is controlled using the 2.4Ghz frequency it can be used at the same time as the Silver version. You can also use more than one Red RoboShooter at the same time and they will not interfere with each other.

The Robot is an awesome toy which is mobile, can talk, move and shoots foam disks from the slot in its midsection. It features additional lights and sounds for a great play experience.

Each RoboShooter includes its own remote control which can be used to direct the robot in all directions as well as having the ability to shoot the disks. In addition to controlling the RoboShooter with the remote, the Toy Robot also has buttons on its midsection which can be used to program the robot to perform orders.

An additional feature of the RoboShooter is that it has a dance mode so will dance and play music which can be a way of celebrating a victorious battle.

More information on the RoboShooter can be found here and it can be purchased on Amazon here.